1 Growing Potatoes – Planting Potatoes – in old tires ( Tire Potatoes ) CrazyFishFarmer style

1 Growing Potatoes in old tires ( Tire Potatoes ) CrazyFishFarmer style – Just wanted to experiment with growing potatoes in some old tire i had lying around. www.crazyfishfarmer.com http

24 Responses to “1 Growing Potatoes – Planting Potatoes – in old tires ( Tire Potatoes ) CrazyFishFarmer style”

  • m3sca1 says:

    cool man keep em coming

  • davidrrrd says:

    maybe insted of 4 notchec you could cut 6 or maybe 8 notches in them,
    make more potatos than you need so you can make ethenol from the extra ones,
    (home made fule)


    very good idea! i bet you get shitloads!! i think ur on to somethin.. good luck

  • CrazyFishFarmer says:

    Only time will tell… I am going to grow them in the normal tire setup… One tire at a time… Then i am going to grow them in a mound to…. By the end of the year… I will be in the potatoe business… LOL

  • crazyfarm31 says:

    i heard thats the best way to grow them in tires, just keep adding tires on top…cool!

  • rotoclip says:

    maybe strawberries too

  • rotoclip says:

    bitcin jig saw

  • laig46 says:

    did this in my garden and the potato’s are doing fine. Just put more mulch around the plants as they grow. Already had to add my second tire on the first. No cutting of the tires.

  • marsinmax says:

    nice, but this is toxic for ur plants 😉

  • HaginwithSpencer says:

    Goof Point …Short-term, tire planters are OK, Long-term, tire rubber will slowly biodegrade and release zinc, carcinogenic PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and other toxic compounds into your soil.

  • troubledtrouabdour says:

    I hear you can grow peanuts like this too. Any one know of anything else you can grow using tires like this?

  • pgm98387 says:

    Please post more on this project!!
    Your a genius if you get as many potatoes as I think you could get!

  • BonQProductions says:

    Nice video, the music reminds me of Benny Hill, and quite frankly this idea is like something that would be seen on that show. Thanks for the ideas!

  • SebNormandy says:

    It’s a good idea. potatoes with tyre taste XD

  • rakerman102 says:

    did you get a good crop at harvest? or was it crappy

  • stymye says:

    nice but my neighbors frown on the sanford and son stacked tire display..
    can you show something thats a bit less redneck?

  • tsimonin says:

    @stymye – I would grow stuff in a Mercedes-Benz if i could get my hands on one…


    Crazy Fish Farmer Dot Com

  • TheRocketSilo says:

    @tsimonin lol ,,, point taken

  • cbr125rcanada says:

    @HaginwithSpencer And into your taters too.

    Some fencing in a circle will work just as well without all the toxins (look up ‘potato tower’).

  • GooglFascists says:

    My cousin & I did this up in West Virginia over 50 years ago. We stacked ’em
    about 6 high and never cut notches in ’em- didn’t need to. The vines found
    their way thru the tires and looked like big green bushes til the potatoes were
    ready. When the vines turn brown, every time you want taters you just go out
    & knock off a tire.
    As for the Goof Point above, we didn’t use NEW TIRES. You use ones that
    have been weathered several years. We never had no problem with cancer
    from tire taters.

  • GooglFascists says:

    @stymye We were over a mile from our nearest neighbor up in WV and they grew taters same way.
    But if you live in some snob-knob prick-ville PAINT THE TIRES FIRST.
    Hell, you could even paint ’em to match your house.
    Now I hear tell some places have you GET A LICENSE TO MAKE GARDEN!
    I’d move outta there so fast all the Nazi sonsabitches would see is SMOKE.
    Idea is to FIND A USE for old tires- its called “RECYCLE”; and u better be
    glad for rednecks. When the SHTF they gonna save America!

  • stymye says:

    @GooglFascistsI hear you brother, my 2 neighbors are good people and could care less, we all stay armed and prepped but the rest are not , If I could, I would purchase 5 acres in the country and mow my lawn naked,,unfortunately I’m not in that position so I keep it on the lowdown for now.

  • rwally3able says:

    I don’t quite understand your idea, since potatoes grow from the roots. that is why you normally hill them. this looks more like a strawberry planter. I may use it for that . thanks for the idea

  • GIAHint says:

    NEVER DO THIS! Potatoes take up cadmium a toxic heavy metal and tire manufactures use cadmium to fix black color in tires.. The cadmium will go into potatoes and into your system where they will bio-accumulate! BAD IDEA!

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