Basic Steps To Growing A Garden


The Adventure of Growing A Garden!

growing a gardenAh, you’ve thought about, read about, maybe even dreamed about growing a garden. Now you are ready to take the plunge and ‘just do it. However, you are not quite sure where to start? Well, you’re in luck, because that’s what this blog is all about. This blog is here to provide you with all the information you could possibly need to experience the adventure and rewards of growing a garden of your very own.

  • The most important thing to remember when planting your first garden is to start small. A small plant bed, about 25 or 30 feet square is perfect, is just enough room for about 30 plants. This will give you a chance to try out your green thumb and if you find that you enjoy growing your garden you can always expand and increase your plantings.

“Remember Start Small … Growing A Garden”

  • The next thing you will want to do is choose a site. Growing a garden must be done in an area that gets at least six hours of sunlight. Try and stay away from large trees that will take your plants water and nutrients, and at least three feet from any fences or buildings. In hot climates it is a good idea to choose a place that will have shade from a part of the intense afternoon sun. It is possible to have a healthy garden with even ten to twelve hours of sunlight, but the type of plants must be adaptable. While soil can always be improved, a site with good soil is a plus. Avoid areas that have rocky soil, steep slopes, or areas where water stands.
  • Now comes the fun part: start digging. Growing a garden is not a clean hobby; you’re going to have to get some dirt under your nails. First remove the rocks, debris, and any grass and weeds then dig the spot up about one foot deep. Level up the dirt and add compost or minerals if the needed. If your soil is too acidic, add lime; if it is too sandy, add peat moss. Plants will thrive in neutral to acidic soil with a little added fertilizer. Read the rest of this entry »

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